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One person can change millions of people by supporting a child.

Some of the south sudanese orphans enjoying a meal

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ISTL would also greatly benefit from donated books and reference material to be added to the ISTL library in Kapoeta. Donated teaching materials (files, folders, pens, flip-charts, marker pens and chalkboard) would help relieve cost burdens of the program. 

Cash Donation
Since most Christian leaders in the displaced people's camps have little or no revenue, International Safety Training Leaders (ISTL) offers leadership training courses free of charge to an average class of 60 trainees’ participants through the financial support of partnering churches and ministries.

ISTL provides course materials, first-aid medication and a light daily meal in addition to transportation, meals and accommodation for the course facilitators. Furthermore, financial donations will also make possible the printing and publication of the ISTL Christian Cluster of the Churches.

  • The all inclusive cost of supporting one course participant for one week is US $50.
  • The cost of printing Bibles and translates in 5 local languages (1000 copies) is US $10,000.
  • The cost of supporting orphans, vulnerable children (1 child is US $15) in one month.
  • The cost of supporting church planters (12 people.) US $100 per month
  • Workshop - 1 person $10 per week
  • Seminar - 1 person $15 per week
  • Conference for Leaders - $50 per week


  • By donating Christians books to our Library
  • By donating Leadership books DVD,CD etc
  • By donating Computers for students
  • Joining ISTL prayer Team
  • Donating Public Address System
  • Donating food stuffs, Clothes


Account Details:

Account Name: International Safety Training Leaders (ISTL Primary School)

Account No: 2006211250366

Bank: Equity Bank

Branch: Torit