Student Appreciation

Welcomes to ISTL Institute of Leadership & Management graduation day 2012.
H.E the Commissioner of Kapoeta East County, H.E Commissioner of Kapoeta South County,
The army force Commanders, the Police Inspector, the  Wild life Inspector, the education director of Kapoeta East County, Our Layer & Justice representative, Our western Missionaries ISTL officials & technical staffs ,My fellow students, Bishops and pastors, priests & sisters, Women & children, Ladies & Gentlemen;

I salute you all
I, Alier Nhial Abraham, the graduates representative may you allow me to deliver the fruit of the after much difficult struggles that claim about two point five million (2500000) live s and left most of our people amputated and uncountable numerous of lives lost since the 1820 during the time of salve trade which affected mostly the south and western part of the Sudan where sister Bakhita Josephine was kidnapped  in Darfur in 1869 and sold to Arab , to Turkey and  to Italy where she finally got her freedom and become a Saint.

From the graduates to the audience in joining this leadership course is an excitement in us or in our individual to change self to family and public but does not mean to go and subjugate you in your premises. And in actual sense the leadership was what silenced us in Sudan since we were not united as we were living using different types of leadership, some tribes were using kingdom-ship, chiefdom-ship, until the regime caught us up living in divisional leadership.

To graduate I would like to highlight to you a quote in the gospel (Book of Luke chapter 8:16 ) which says, “Don’t light a lamp and put it under a bowl or bed for the others who enter can see.” It means not to hide what potential you have in you.
More examples of good and great leaders in the world and in our nation. Committed leaders save their people in good or critical time. As we can take an example from Abraham Lincoln who stopped slaved trade, Martin Luther King Junior, Kenyatta, Julius Nyarere, Nelson Mandela, late Dr John Garang de Mabior, Right now President Gen, Kiir Mayardit, down to H.E Louis Lobong who dignified the vision of Dr. John Garang of taking town to people than people to town as he built state,  counties, payams,  headquarters and also our commissioner of kapoeta east county H.E Titos Lokwachuma who devoted fully in consolidating peace with neighboring countries, tribes raiders like Turkana, Toposa, Kormojong and other communities within the area . This is the leadership of a leader who care, save and value his/her people congratulation and thank you very much.
By graduates’ representative: Mr. Alier Nhial Abraham

Student Appreciation 2010

Good afternoon fellow graduates, family, relatives, faculty lectures thank you all coming to join the class of 2010 at our graduation and commencement ceremony.  I promise to keep this relatively brief but just in case I forget, you should all probably take a bathroom break right about now.
I have an odd quote to share with you today, and it’s from a relatively odd man. Mark Twain said that he never let his schooling interfere with his education. For a long time, I don’t quite understand how that worked-after all, if you’re going to school--------that’s your education, right? No need to think about it further .But the more and more I thought about it, the more made sense and I’ll tell why in a minute.

Here at the ISTL institute we’ve just spent one year or more working hard to attain our Diplomas. We’ve spent hours studying for classes, hours writing papers, hours listening to lectures, and hopefully, not too many hours at the bars.It’s been a long and wild ride, but here we are one year later, with something to show for it all. An education, after today, no one can ever say that we are among the undereducated of the world, and that accomplishment is not about bragging rights but about responsibility.

Without that responsibility, we wouldn’t be charged with going out and making the world a better place. I Now, know everyone wants to make the world a better place at 22, and many of you at 55 at sitting there rolling your eyes.

So bear with me for a second when I talk a bout what it really means to try and charge the world into a better place as leaders.  What does mean to change the world, to make a better place? To do one’s own part, all you have to do is make yourself as good as you can be and share what you’ve gained with others.

That‘s it. A little, kindness touches a lot of hearts, and life spent pursuing your dreams is spent in the common purpose of humanity, to achieve happiness. But there‘s one things about the future we need to remember.

While our schooling is now over, our education never is. And that’s what I think Mark Twain was getting at –an education is not only about holding Degrees, Diplomas, but it’s about success and failures we have in life, the progress we make, the way we overcome obstacles. Finding an education is a long life dream, and even though some of us feel like we’re lifelong students, the truth is that an education is simply something you really can’t avoid.

So what message do I offer my fellow classmates, soon to be competitors in the very real and the very tough job market? Remember that you can’t do much good for the world unless you do well for yourself, and that you never let the end of your schooling become the end your education.
Merry Christmas, happy New Year and independent for Southern Sudan 2010

Thank you
Students reprehensive
Mr.  Deng Jacob Kuur


The guest of honors, Rev. Dr Solo, Bishop Elijah assembled guests, on behalf of the class of 2009,
Am glad to take this particular time to thank all of you for attending this occasion/ceremony. I have no much word that can adequately express my sincere gratitude, but only to say thank you to the founders of this school and all teachers who had really offer and participated to give this knowledge.

Absolutely, we were 35 students in this institute, but now the only graduate students are 15 in number. We were very committed to get skill and we received it and we are ready to utilize it to our Nations in Africa countries.

The processes used to help a society, rebuilt and prevent violence occur is Leadership and management, Team building, peace building .Lack of leadership and truth can lead us to absence of peace.

Please! Please! You the Government Executive we request your benevolent in order to inspire and motivate young people in term of education, this is not the right time for us to relay on UN or NGOs to educate us more as refugee yet we have freedom ,but we should basically relay on our Government to delight our future.

This speech is really to emphasize the significant of education to our     country in order to progress our nations by mentally but not to build our physical bodies. So do something for
Our future. Since we applauded the CPA, we do look your outcome as the Government. My only prayer to God is to give you more strength to continue doing good things for to our society Sudanese

Students Representatives




The guest of honors, Rev. Dr Solo, Bishop Elijah assembled guests, on behalf of the class of 2009, I want to convey out heart felt gratitude to all the founders, organizers, sponsors and teaching staff of the (I.S.T.L institute) International Safety Training Leaders. Because of your generosity and dedication we have taken the first small steps towards our goal which is the betterment of our fellow human beings.

The training we have received has sharpened our skills in providing leadership that is humane, accountable and transparent. We have all witnessed the devastating effects of corruption and selfish leadership on African peoples. It is our goal to help put a stop to these evils.

Due to out humble economic backgrounds, this training opportunity was a God send. The fees were within our means (although still a struggle to some of us) and the lectures were very competent.

First the venue that was generously provided free of charge by the Christian Church International, (Good shepherd) Githurai, is suitable for a learning environment. However, I would like to point out on behalf of my fellow students some issues that need to be addressed to improve the effectiveness of this programmed.

The narrow wooden benches are very uncomfortable and we have much need, secondly, we could do with a small resource center with reference books. Thirdly, computers and, if possible, with internet facilities, would be very welcome.

When all is said and done, I wish again to thank you all for your commitment to our cause. With the tools you have given us, we hope to lead our nation to a bright future.
A future in which our fellow citizens will be led with honest leadership and enjoy prosperity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2010
Students Representatives