ISTL Location

Location of ISTL in Africa 

The ISTL has been in dialogue with Project Restore, International Christian Ministries (ICM), Missions Africa to EQUIP and empower people in  leadership training .They are now discussing the possibility of helping Southern Sudanese  people in terms of training. They have formed partnership to assist in development efforts and held several meetings, face-to-face, telephone conferences and set some strategies, goals, and positive direction with online. The following is a proposal to create a coordinated Resettlement Support Project in Southern Sudan.

Sudan is the Africa’s largest country. In the north, it borders the Red Sea, Egypt, Chad, and Eritrea. Other neighboring countries include Central African Republic (CAR) Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, and Uganda. Southern Sudan covers an area of about 619,745 square kilometers and is entirely within the Nile basin and it shares border with five countries (CAR, DRC, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia).

The climate varies from tropical in the south to arid desert in north with rainy seasons between June and November.1918 Sunday officially became a day of worship in Southern Sudan, replacing Friday, which was introduced by Muslim Jallaba slave raiders.

Since the independence of Sudan in 1956, Southern Sudan has been a battlefield for two devastating civil wars of (1955-1972) to (1983-2004) which have resulted in human suffering, loss of lives and opportunities, widespread poverty and food shortages. This has been the longest uninterrupted conflict in the world, which claimed over 2 million people and displacing 4.5 million persons internally and forcing a number of 1.2million to seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda.

Two million of anything is almost too much to imagine, but let’s try penny .Any penny is pretty thin, if you take 2 million pennies and stack them on top of each other, the stack would be almost two miles high. But we are talking about people of Sudan, not pennies! Here’s another way to think about it, the stadium where professional footballers play holds a lot of people, but to hold 2 million people, you will have 30 stadiums.