On Friday the 5th of May 1985 bady Duot Magot born to Abraham and Rebecca A. Duot. His early childhood was marked the year of locust that struck Wanglei homeland.

John had his primary education in Panygoor primary school between 1989 and 1990 before heading on to Wanglei primary school between 1995 and 1996 and finally he came to Kakuma at Cush primary school in 1997 to 1998.

He proceeded to undertake tertiary training International School of mission (I.O.S.M) in Thika between 2005 and 2006 and later at Leadership Training Institute (LTI) in 2006 and 2007 and later did Social work and Welfare in Orient Institute. Between 2008 to 2009 he went on to higher education in St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute (V.T.I) where he is undergoing a course in Motor Vehicles Mechanic ( Engineering)

Ministerial credentials
Rev. John Duot Duong preached as a freelance evangelist in 2004 to March 2008. He was ordained into the ministry in March 2008 as a full pastor. In March 2009 I was Promoted as an Overseer in East Africa Chapter. I am concentrated with my work and I also believe in God.

Pioneer work
In 2006, Rev. John Duot Duong founded (I.S.T.L) and it is an Institution now as International Safety Training Leaders, for All Nations all Churches in Africa. I.S.T.L was training more than 750 in the Institute and workshop in East Africa. I.S.T.L Institutions, which include the following: - IQ Bible Training Institute (IQ.B.I), John  has helped to all Nations all Churches and all Religions (NCR)for the life of youths to change their countries, e.g.South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania, Zambia, and so on.

In 2006, John founded International Safety Training Leaders (I.S.T.L) and its mission bases, headquarters in Kapoeta South Sudan. They were training youths in Christian Church International (CCI Good Shepherd) Nairobi , he  saw to the building the Institute in Kapoeta South Sudan and also to the beginning of a training youth in Southern Sudan to marinating peace and resolutions among all youth .

He is married to Deborah Aluel and their first born is a boy called Atem that he is named after his great grand father’s name.  Atem is currently three years and half old (3 1/2). He is in Pre Unit. His following one is call Duong for his grand father’s name

John's Suffering
To continue with, I left my country of origin because of war between the National Islamic Front (NIF) and the rebels. Sudan Peoples Libration’s Army/Movement (SPLA/M) which broke out in May 1983 in BOR. It happened that, my father’s homestead was extremely attacked by the Arab soldiers setting on fire, all huts in our village of WANGLEI  in September 1991. Without exception, all my parents were burnt down to death.

I escaped with my uncle’s family to neighbouring village,But soon it was put on fire by the enemies, and my uncle who was the chief, was shot dead in front of me while trying to grasp my hand to speed up our escape. Several people were killed in the attack. Many houses were burnt down.

I walked alone through the forest where i was in danger of attack from wild animals. I also encountered with unkind local people where hatred was created by the conflicting warring parties. I experienced severe hunger, thirst and survived on rare edible wild roots and fruits. I faced harsh and extreme weather conditions, hot during the day and cold beyond human imagination at night .However, I had no clothes to cover my nakedness since the village was attacked suddenly and looted everything.

Worse still, I took the direction southwards, and others lost direction and fell in our move.As we arrived at the scene, the Arabs who had ambushed us started firing at us at random shooting .Many people killed and many scattered . Several others were captured including me. I consequently faced severe beating using belts, blows, kicks, slaps and whips.

I was forced to carry a full box of bullets for several days while my eyes were covered with pieces of clothes so that I couldn’t see the direction there they took us. I arrived in Juba and into jail where other inmates were treated inhumanly. We were made to carry human faeces to the farm with our naked hands, buried the dead bodies killed in front line etc. In June 1992, I was taken to Torit for the preparation of an attack to capture Torit and Kapotea which were under SPLA control.

As the Battalions were busy preparing themselves, I got a little chance and sneaked away following the direction to the east. until I arrived in Kapotea. Thereafter, I was put in prison by NIF and questioned for collaborating with the Sudanese Government by SPLM. After some days, the town was attacked and captured by the Khartoum regime and I fled to Narus, leading towards east where I arrived in Lokichogi on 28th October, 1997.  I was received warmly by (UNHCR) and forwarded to Kakuma Camp on October 1997.

I decided to seek refuge in Kakuma refugee Camp, where I fell in love with a certain young lady called Aluel Atem Wal. At long last, we got married on 24th December, 2006. God blessed us with a baby boy on 31st May, 2007. However, we were faced with financial constraints because I had no job to sustain my family.

The Work of Holy Spirit Through John
It was on Friday 5th march 2010, I wake up at 3: 00am with deep feeling to devote for the Lord .When I finished my prayer at 6:30am.I was got call from Rev: William he told me to came and talk concerning his program in Kapeota at his place .When I arrive there, I call him to met me at the gate because all of us want to go for cyber café.

He came outside and we start greet one other, therefore a women come pass by  with  and nine year old boy and he was sick for epilepsy  sickness ,when I saw him .The Holy Spirit articulate in my heart telling me to pray for him. Therefore the failure heart tell me done, done and the boy when with her mother .After that short time without twinkle  (wink)for my eye a DOVE come from nowhere and it sit on my head .
It was happen to me while I never know it can a happen to me .I thank God for that events. Now i believe that the Holy Spirit still moving in me.

During the 2011 Referendum John came across so many children out of school which prompted him to open a school in kapoeta East county Narus Payam. The school had an initial of 390 pupils of which the majority are orphans. He currently sponsors 58 pupils (38 boys and 20 girls).

In 2012 John signed a partnership with Project Restore to Sponsor the 10 (5 Boys & 5 Girls) bright orphans. In 2013 John signed acontract with Sis. Radeler to sponsor 10 students in College.

in 2014 Sis. Radeler sponsored another 15 South Sudanese students.

In March 2014 John was appointed as the Overseer of C.C.I. Churches in South Sudan by the NAC. In June 2014 John opened two churches in South Sudan.