Our Courses are as Follows:-


Course Title Duration Fees Exam Mode of Study
Certificate in Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Leadership&Management
  • Leader & Vision
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • etc
6 Months US$ 100


Part Time

Diploma in Leadership
  • Leadership style
  • Leadership&Management
  • Leader & Vision
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • etc
One year US$ 200 Internal Exam & I.C.M, I.G.M Exam &Body from I.S.T.L Regular & PartTime
Certificate in Psychology & Counselling Human Development I & II, Personality Module I & II, Guidance & Counselling I & II etc 6 Months US$ 100 Exam (ISTL) Full Time
Diploma in Psychology & Counselling Human Development I & II, Personality Module I & II, Guidance & Counselling I & II etc One year US$ 320 Per year KNEC & ICM IGM Internal Exam Full Time
Certificate in Human Resource & Management Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Law, Project Paper etc 6 Months US$100

Internal Exam (ISTL)

Full Time
Diploma in Human Resource & Management Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Law, Project Paper etc Two Years

US$ 400per year

KNEC & ICM Internal Exam (ISTL) Full time
Diploma in Acconting & Finance CPA, KATC Accounting, Book keeping, Economics, Cost accounting, Business Planning, Operation etc Two years US$ 400 per year KNEC & ICM Internal Exam (ISTL) Full time
Diploma in Community Development & Social work Social work, Research, Gender, Community Development, Project work etc Two years US$ 25 per month KNEC & ICM Internal Exam (ISTL) Full time
Certificate & Diploma in English
  • Intermediate
  • Upper intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Diploma
  • Cerificate: 6 Months
  • Diploma: 1 Year
  • Certificate:US$ 50 per month
  • Diploma:US$ 100 per month
CITY & GUILD, ICM Internal Exam (ISTL) Part time & Full time


Your Application should include the following:-

  • Photocopies of K.C.P.E/K.C.S.E Certificates, result slips, National ID/Passport & School leaving Certificate 
  •  A letter of Recommendation from your religious leader,employer/sponsor
  • A hand written & signed application letter


  • Admission fees $12
  • Gown & Hood $28
  • Library Fee $8
  • Uniform & Books $68
  • Admission requirements D+(plus) and above

1) Punctuality will strictly be observed. Students who are constantly late for classes are liable to dismissal from the institute. Thus all students are expected to be on time and ready to start for each class unless the teacher has granted prior permission for lateness.
2) Any student who deliberated misses three (3) consecutive days of class without teacher; s permission will automatically be dismissed.
3) In case of emergence such as family funerals, sickness, etc the student will be expected to notify the teacher and necessary permission will be granted as the situation warrant.


1) Fee for various courses offered by the institute will be notified before admission into the Institute. Any changes will be communicated to individual student in good time.
2) All fees must be at the Secretary’s office and an official receipt issued. All fees are non- refundable.
3) No student will be allowed to continue with the course until the fee is paid in full.

The Institute fee does not cover books, writing materials and protective uniform for your course. It does not also cover Examination fees.
It is the responsibility of each student to pay for his or her own books required by each course and to schedule payment of examination fees. Students are also expected to pay for any lost or damaged Books under their care.

1) Every student is expected to conduct himself/herself in an orderly manner. No abusive or violent behaviour will be allowed in the institute. A student who does not observe this rule will be dismissed from the institute instantly.
2) Students will be expected to accord teachers and instructors respect due to them to create harmonious and good learning atmosphere. Instructions given ‘teachers to be obeyed without fuss.
3) Students will be expected to observe the normal standard of cleanliness (clothes and body) and ensure they are not nuisance to other students. Smoking in the Institute is strictly prohibited.
4) Reading of novels, magazines, newspapers and periodicals during lecture time or any class assignments is strictly prohibited.

A student has the right to appeal any case concerning the entire above, first to the principal of the Institute and then to the Board of Directors of the institute if unsatisfied by the Principal’s decision. The Board of Directors decision on a student appeal is final.

The Institute will meet obligations as far as possible. On other hand no student will hold International Safety Training Leaders responsible for neither accident nor unusual occurrence while attending a course at the Institute. The student by following undertaking.
I, the undersigned release the above named Institution International Safety Training Leaders from any liability of court action.

I, the undersigned will neither bring lawful suit against the above- mentioned Institute nor its teachers, staff or Board of Directors according to the civil laws of South Sudan/Kenya/Uganda etc.

The Institute is committed to provide high-level of Leadership Education Training (LET PROGRAM) to all and especially those with a poor background and to ensure that the students attain good qualifications. For these two reasons the Institute charge low fees, (which are not able to meet the annual running costs), and this is why it looks for extra funds to cope with the expenses not covered by the school fees.
Students are requested to participate in activities aimed at seeking these extra funds.