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ISTL - Its a Native African Outreach Ministry of Christian Church International(CCI) has been registered as a Faith Based Organization in accordance with the new Sudan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Act 2003. Republic of South Sudan(RSS) Office of the  President Bureau of Religious Affairs. ISTL networking with partners of Project Restore Inc USA, Dominican Sisters Emmanuel Foundation and International Christian Ministries (I.C.M). ISTL headquarters are in South Sudan - Kapoeta East County. ISTL works with all Churches all Nation and all Religions.Faith keeps the person who keeps the faith”

Our Focus in ISTL is to train and empower young people for short term and long term mission through leadership, training influence their own people.we know that leadership is an influence but not a position.

Our Concern is to educate, the person in all dimension to develop change in his/her life and we want people to be confident about the word "WE" better than "I"

Below: The Headmaster (Front right) together with other teachers marking the end of year exam for 2014

E-mail us info@missionsafricaistl.org or cholyaak@missionsafricaistl.org
Mobile: - +254 728 005 122 / +256 782 669 377 / +211 954 429 445
Physical Address ISTL Primary School, Kapoeta East County (Narus).

For donation materials and anything, please contact the above address